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Art for your home
Wall Decor Sets the Tone

A house without art will simply never have the comfort, warmth and style of a home. But when it comes to purchasing or combining different pieces, many people have no idea where to start, especially if they aren’t already an art fanatic. However, you don’t have to be an aficionado to perfect the talent of completing the aesthetics of your home either. Since art should never feel like an accessory to furniture, as such beauty deserves to stand on its own to truly reflect your incredible sense of taste and deeper self, you just need to know the secrets. Here are some amazing interior design tips that will make picking, placing and displaying your decor effortless, and completely flawless!

Consider The Space
The first place to start when purchasing for your home is to consider the space that its intended for. Determining the space you have available allows you to search for pieces that will be the right size. And yes, size definitely does matter. If you’re looking to make an impact or statement with your art, bigger is always better. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s recommended that your art should fill 2/3rd to 3/4th of the wall.

Selecting The Piece
Art is one of those things that is truly personal to the individual that is purchasing it. As such, it’s highly recommended to find your own art to be placed in your home to ensure that it inspires you, and captivates your personality and the aura of your home – instead of someone else’s. Consider the current theme or appeal that you have in the space you’re decorating. Take a look at the many forms of art that you have likely collected over the years, from photos to statues, little knick-knacks and home decor items. This will help you find wall decor that can fit into your current style flawlessly – without the need of a total makeover. Examine your accent colors, and find art that will make it pop. If you have red throw pillows, wall art with the same tone will bring the room together. Another great recommendation is to use the works of the same artist, or at least something that is of similar style. If you like abstract, stick with that throughout the room or even your entire house. If you enjoy a specific artist, fill your home with their masterpieces to bring a cohesive and curated feel to the art, and your interior design.

Perfect Placing
When you’ve finally selected a stunning piece of wall decor that is inspires you (which isn’t hard to do on WhatsHangin), it’s time to display the masterpiece. Another rule of thumb to follow is that piece should always be center with eye level. So, you’ll want to determine if you typically stand or sit in the area you’re decorating, and then select an eye-level height that is appropriate. If you’re hanging your beautiful piece of art of a piece over furniture, you want to always ensure that the bottom edge of the frame is at least 6 to 12 inches above the furniture. This will ensure that you’ll get the best use and style from the space.

Whats Hangin has such an incredible and vast selection of wall decor that is certain to liven the room you’re looking to add some personality and beauty into. Whether you’re looking for photography, bathroom or specific colors or styles of art, you’re one click away from finding it.


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