Ways to Add Art on Budget


6 Amazing Ways to Add Art on a Budget

Adding artwork into your home can add rich character into your interior, but it’s

important to recognize that it isn’t limited to the rich. You can add impeccable style

and elegance into your interior design without having to break the bank. There are

many affordable art pieces available on What’s Hanging, and with the addition of

these top decorating tips, your walls will no longer remain bare.

1. Shop emerging artists

As artists gain recognition for their talent, their pieces often increase in price. So,

one huge tip to follow when trying to find artwork for your home is to shop

emerging artists, or ones that aren’t Pablo Picasso – just yet, anyway. Check out the

collection available on What’s Hanging because there are plenty of affordable art

options from all kinds of artists.

2. Purchase student’s art work

If there is one surefire way to snag some savings, it’s definitely by purchasing

artwork from students, or shopping on What’s Hanging, of course. There are many

art and design schools that sell the best achievements of their students, and this can

be an excellent way to snag an original piece that no one else has!

3. Frame your own art work

Art is all about individuality, and while you can purchase stunning landscape or

travel shots on What’s Hanging, you can also incorporate some of your own

memories into your interior. Take the time to transfer your photos off of your phone

or USB stick, and get them printed. With an elegant frame, your very own memories

can turn into stunning pieces of art.

4. Take a drink and paint class

Paint classes where you get to drink wine and swipe a brush over a canvas are

quickly becoming incredibly popular. Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush

in your life, or think your artwork won’t do justice, you definitely want to give this a

try. Wine can work wonders for your imagination, and who knows, maybe you’ll

have so much that your painting will turn into an abstract art masterpiece.

5. Art from the kids

Similar to the previous decorating tip, depending on the ages of your children, their

artwork may turn into the best abstract art you’ve ever seen. It’ll also come with an

extra dose of heartfelt memories, which will certainly make it better than anything

you could ever purchase. So, enlist the kids and give them a canvas and some paints.

They may even discover a new hidden talent!

6. Make like Andy Warhol

It may sound silly, but the next time you find yourself captivating by the packaging

of a product, mount it. Andy Warhol became famous from this kind of art, and you

can get a similar appeal at a fraction of the cost. You can also use old cans as unique

storage containers.

As you can see, you definitely don’t need a large budget or even any money at all to

add some amazing art into your home. With the wide range of art pieces available on

What’s Hanging and these decorating tips, your home will be filled with richness,

depth and style!


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